Funeral Services

We understand that there are numerous tasks to be fulfilled before your loved one could be laid to rest at his/her final resting place. Thus at Goh Soon Moh, we provide holistic and sincere funeral and casket services that are able to fulfil your every need to make the memorial service a comfortable and dignified one. These services that we provide are the result of our years of experience, our thoughtfulness towards our customers and the market research which we have actively done over the past 90 years. We are constantly improving our services to better serve our customers as this is our way of showing how much we value relationships with our customers.

Below is the list of holistic services that we offer:

Quality caskets:
The wide ranges of caskets that we offer are of superior quality at reasonable prices. We have caskets that are suitable for cremation or for burial purposes.

Tentage / Parlour Services:
Goh Soon Moh has linked up with several established tentage and furniture rental companies to provide efficient tentage setup as well as clean and comfortable furnishings at the location of your choice.

Tentage Rental Goh Soon Moh Rental Tent Rental
Goh Soon Moh also assist in the renting of funeral parlours if a private setting is required.
Professional embalming & makeup services:
We have licensed in-house embalmers who are skilled in embalming and as well as in applying makeup for the deceased.

International repatriations:
Flying Home, a subsidary of Goh Soon Moh, specializes in handling International Repatriation of mortal remains, serving families whose loved one passed on out of their home country. We have vast experiences handling cases in Asia, Europe, United States and even remote areas such as Russia.

Our team of experienced consultants is available 24/7 to provide assistance and support.

Goh Soon Moh will assist to manage all cremation or burial arrangements.

There are three crematoria in Singapore – one government-managed crematorium and two private crematoria.:

Sea burial:
If there is a need for a dignified sea burial for your bereaved loved one, we will handle all necessary documentation and preparations for you.

Engagement of religious persons:
Goh Soon Moh has associations with various religious organizations to carry professional ceremonial rites according to the wishes of the family or deceased.

Obituary placements:
Placement of obituary in all Singapore’s major newspapers can be arranged through Goh Soon Moh.

Hearse & Transport services:
Goh Soon Moh is the first funeral company in Singapore to design hearses that are unique, presentable and stylish. These hearses are ideal for the final send-off of your bereaved loved one in a grand and dignified manner.

We are able to arrange additional transportation services according to your needs.

Exquisite urns:
Customers, who require urns to be placed in the niches at the columbarium, can choose from a wide selection of beautiful and superior urns offered at Goh Soon Moh. We also offer bio-degradable urns for sea/water burials. Click here for more information.

Photo enlargement services:
We can assist to arrange for photo enlargement services and the photo will be delivered to your choice of location.

Funeral supplies:
Goh Soon Moh is able to supply essential items such as: joss stick, candles, T-shirt, pants, mats etc for funerals.

We have a range of exquisite “Shou Yi” for customers who would like to dress their loved ones in traditional outfits. These “Shou Yi” are of superior quality and are specially chosen for their delicate embroidery.

Food catering services:
We have reliable catering suppliers to provide quality food catering services.

Floral Services:
We can assist to liase with florists to prepare various floral arrangements as well as wreaths.